I have a trailing, vigorous growing violet (I have been told) with red bloom and variegated leaves. I do not have a pic of the bloom. Is it possible to id it? How do I post a pic of it?

  • There is a add picture button at the top of the edit field. It's very hard to ID plants without a good picture or few. – Escoce Sep 18 at 12:25

Without a picture of the plant and flower it will be very hard for someone who cannot see the plant to help. If you do manage to get a picture, say with a smartphone, you can use the icon (in the question box menu) with the outline of a mountain in a rectangle to post the image and readers can help.

An alternate route if there is no photo is if you have an artist in the family who can draw an accurate representation of the leaf and flower and post that instead. Also a very technical description of the plant will help narrow it down.

Finally you can always use a google search for images. If you use terms such as "flower red leaf variegated" and select the images menu item this will bring up a lot of different plants with red flowers and variegated leaves. Scan down the page until you see something that looks like your plant. Good luck!

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