The leaves on my lemon tree have these small yellow and brown dots. I assumed these are some kind of pests or insects and have therefore been spraying them with neem oil every 8 - 10 days. I even removed some highly affected leaves, but they keep reappearing. Any help with identification and resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

The top side of one affected leaf The under side of another affected leaf

Also, I bought this grafted plant from a local nursery 4 months back and the seller told me that it would start flowering in a couple of months. I have been fertilising with bonemeal every 2 weeks, but no flowering yet. Any tips on getting the plnt to flower? Many thanks in advance.

PS: The plant is in a container on my balcony. I live in Mumbai, India.

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Texas A&M University has a document here that you might want to read. If you look towards the bottom of the page there is a discussion of very similar symptoms related to Citrus Canker. Yes, I know that you are in India and this is a North American located research institution, but it might give you a start in your searches. Citrus canker is a serious disease so I hope you have something different, so check with your local agricultural authorities for the most local information.

  • Thank you, sir, for the document. The symptoms of citrus canker do match the ones on my plant. I guess, I can now only hope to control it using fungicidal sprays or else get a new plant. Any suggestions whether neem oil spray would be the most effective? Or do I need chemical fungicides? Sep 17, 2019 at 13:18

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