I want to save my sunflower seed, and not for food, but for reseeding in other areas.

Last year, I was too late: Birds ate everything, almost to the last piece of seed. This year I want to be faster. some of early sunflower specimens already have their flowers hanging and getting brown. But, how to recognize when sunflower seed are ripe for harvesting?

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The seeds will still ripen if you protect the flower head with a paper bag.

Alternatively, tie a few CDs loosely to the sunflower stalks so the wind moves them around. The flashing "rainbow colours" as the light refracts from them will deter most birds.

  • Sunflowers are 5m high, and putting paperbag on their flowers without damaging plant would be a serious challenge to me. Commented Aug 26, 2019 at 16:52

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