My gardenia is more than 6 months old. it was in good health.

Suddenly I noticed that the gardenia leaves are turning yellow. I thought that it was because of natural causes. So, I ignored it initially.

Then I saw that even small leaves are turning yellow.

Then I check for the bugs and I saw these:

enter image description here

I sprayed insecticide and later also sprayed (strong force) it with water thought that I am safe now. But, unfortunately, they are keeping coming back in a couple of days. So, clearly, I could not kill the pest properly.

Any suggestion? My gardenia looks very tired :( . How can I revive it ?


Soap and water very little soap wont kill ur plants I have the same issue I've worked on this for 9 months.enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here now am I doing it right

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