My potted cucumber plants appear to have mosaic virus. How is an insect barrier created?

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Mosaic virus? Cucumber Mosaic Virus

I had this this year as well: Planted them as starts, then gave them a balanced fertilizer and have lots of ventilation, blowing fans. They started having normal colored leaves and are doing very well. This was also a RESISTANT variety! Excelsior! Great cucumber!

If you've got your cucumbers potted I hope that you used sterilized potting soil. Yes? Otherwise, you have to pay attention to rotation practices. No Curcubits can be planted in the same soil for another 2 years. Pots with potting soil are super for expanding one's garden real estate.

Rotation is critical for curcubits, solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes) and brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, kale)...Make a map of your garden every year so that you can remember what was planted where!

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