I purchased three young BloodGood Plane Trees (Platanus × acerifolia 'Bloodgood') three weeks ago. Today, 6/27/2019, I was tending to watering them. One tree has 6 leaves turning yellow. I do not know the cause...

What action can I take to improve the health of this tree, and what item should I check?

  • London Plane trees are really susceptible to anthracnose. 'Bloodgood' show some resistance, but this year in the northeast USA (at least) has been really bad for anthracnose. Most of the London Planes have defoliated to some extent. They don't seem to be set back too much, though. They just push out new leaves and carry on once the anthracnose risk has diminished due to less favorable weather conditions. – That Idiot Jun 28 at 12:19

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