This plant is probably 17 years old. Very tall and leggy. What needs to be done? And is it a croton?


It is a Croton, yes,and it can be pruned back to encourage new,bushy growth, but it should be done in stages. With long,lanky and bare stems such as you have, its recommended to reduce them by a third; allow the plant to recover by producing new leaves and growing on a bit, then reduce again, as suggested in this link https://homeguides.sfgate.com/trim-croton-71540.html. The other option is to reduce a third of the existing stems down to the lowest leaf or leaf joint, and leave the others alone, carrying out he same procedure next year on the ones you do not prune now. If you can increase its light levels, that will help it produce new bushy growth, and use houseplant food immediately after cutting back and as often as recommended on the pack during the growing season - reduce or stop fertilizer in Fall

  • Oh thank you so much!!! Appreciate it!! – Kathy Statler Jun 14 at 21:52

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