I am trying to grow (and hopefully breed) a nepenthes pitcher plant. In all the videos online I've seen people take cuttings from the nepenthes vines instead of the main stem. I was just curious how long it would take for one of these vines to grow on my own plant and if there was any way to speed up/ encourage the process.


From all the research I've done on the internet, Nepenthes take 5-10 years to become fully grown, so it takes about the same amount of time to begin growing like a vine.

To speed up growth, there are a few different methods:

  • Coffee Method: Water your plant with black coffee once every six months.
  • MaxSea: Dissolve MaxSea into distilled/rain water at a very high dilution, and put this in the traps, trying to avoid watering the roots.
  • Put one slow-release pellet of fertilizer in full-grown traps for them to consume the nutrients.

I would be cautious about using any of these fertilization methods, as all carnivorous plants are very sensitive to excess nutrients in the soil. Do your own research! Good luck!

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