We're buying a house in the desert southwest (US) and want to plant a shade tree to cast shade over the western aspect of the home. I like oak trees but want to get the house shaded sooner rather than later!

The tree will sit in the middle of a watered yard so it will have a consistent source of water. The elevation is ~1500' / 450m above sea level and temps can range from the high 20°F - 120°F (-7°C - 49°C) at the extremes. We have sun, or minimal clouds, 330 days a year.

We want a tree that does not drop seed pods, fruit, or excessive pollen. Leaves are fine. We also want to avoid eucalyptus and pine.

I'm left with Arizona Ash or Sissoo trees...that I know of. Both of these are common in our area. What else might work?

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