I have a palm which I've had for 18 months or so and it's the best growing palm I've ever had. Big, frequent fronds, and quickly grew about 2 foot. Occasional browning at tips, or dry-green leaves(not browning) and more watering solved it. I had overwatered it early and lost some branches that went yellow. (so this doesn't seem like overwatering)

In the past 2 weeks, it's suddenly going very brown from the tips. Very quickly a large branch went brown (not yellow) and lots of other leaves are going that way.

  • All winter leaves basically stayed green. Flat temp dropped to sub-10 degrees sometimes.
  • Watered less in winter, but still at least say, 500ml a week.
  • It sits by a large south facing window.
  • Weather here has been cold, then 2 weeks of very sunny warmth (palm getting lots of light behind a window), now back to mostly-cold & cloudy
  • Get some spidermites, which I try and get rid of, but not an epidemic.
  • Well draining pot (I water it until it flows out)
  • Roots had hit the sides, but still room to grow downwards.
  • A few new fronds are still appearing, but they're not as tall as the biggest ones I've had.
  • I try and keep humidity up with water on radiator & vapour.
  • I thought at first, they were burnt from being by the window during the sun, but then whole leaves went down.

I was concerned I had overwatered it in winter, so took it from it's pot to check it wasn't soaked, and the soil is very dry about 10 inches down. (Top 2 inches are still wet, but I only just watered it) No sign of any bugs in the soil, but some white specs (perhaps mould but very tiny amounts) near some roots...

Have I just under-watered it during our very sunny period? Is it craving a weekly heavy water?

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I think this is similar; My Areca Palm is dying

I also noticed this new frond has gone all wonky... in case that's vaguely related :) Bendy frond

  • while I obviously agree (hence my link :) I'm not getting spots mid-leaf. I'm not sure if that's THAT relevant though. I thought spots were possibly more of a sign of disease Commented Mar 12, 2019 at 22:22


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