I inherited this hardy little succulent and I don't know what it is. It's draught tolerant, healthy, and has survived me raising it so I know it's a real survivor.

enter image description here

Any ideas would be great. Thanks!


It's a Stapeliad of some sort; a succulent from south Africa. I find them hard to differentiate. I just got a few recently. The flowers are the best part; star-shaped and fuzzy. Sometimes you get a bonus and the flowers smell like rotting meat! That's why they call them "carrion flower" plants.

Yours looks like it's doing quite well.


Stapelia Grandiflora, a member of the Asclepiad family - not a cactus as it lacks areoles.

It seems that it grew-up in shade: I don't see much fine hair (trichomes) on the skin. Usually the hair and rough surface are a response to strong sunlight. For better identification give it more light and see how its outer skin changes appearance.

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