Activity on 28-01-2019:

  1. Watered - soil is damp as of 29-01-2019, but it is a fast-draining cactus mix.
  2. Pest control - sprayed 2~3 times with pyrethrum bug spray (brand below)
  3. Fertilized - about half a teaspoon of general NPK fertilizer granules spread around the edges of the pot (brand below)

Noticed on 29-01-2019:

Black spots and marks on my babies :(

Pic 1 of 1 of my black prince:

Echeveria Black Prince black spots

Pic 1 of 2 of my other:

Echeveria forgot type black marks

Pic 2 of 2 of my other:

Echeveria forgot type black marks

What is happening?

The last time these plants were watered before 28-01-2019 was just under 2 weeks ago.

The brand of bug spray I used is this: http://www.multicrop.com.au/home-garden-products/pyrethrum-long-life-natural-insect-spray.php

The fertilizer I used is this: http://www.brunnings.com.au/all-purpose-npk-fertiliser-2261.html

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