On some plants, the ends of new leaves are brown and dry and keep the new leaves from unfolding. On older leaves, there are purple areas, and some edges are dry.

A few weeks ago, I started supplementing the once a day drip water (ph balanced to 6) with nutrient water, with approx 20 ml (4 teaspoons) per plant, a day, general hydroponics grow, micro, bloom 3:2:1 because some new leaves were more yellow in the flesh than green in the veins, and there were some purple areas. And I found http://landresources.montana.edu/soilfertility/nutrientdeficiencies.html

The new leaves having brown dry tips is new since I started the nutrient.

I have been cutting off older leaves as they get really dry or brown.

I have been cutting off the runners and flowers as they start, in an attempt to establish the roots and leaves better first. But now I'm worried I might be missing out on my opportunity to grow berries.

I got these seascape everbearing strawberry as bare root plants via the mail around Nov 15 2018 They grow inside in sterile soil enriched with worm casings, mixed 2 parts soil and 1 part sand.

1 enter image description here

2 enter image description here

3 enter image description here

4 enter image description here

5 enter image description here

6 enter image description here

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