like a previous concern, my peace lily is drooping. It is not the case of over or under watering, per previous conversations, it appeared to be in a pot that was too small that pot was 6.5 inches, I went to an 8 inch pot and replanted it.
At time of replanting I trimmed off any yellow leaves - it had 4 or so. That was 3 days ago, How long should I expect before the leaves revive? ALSO - My house is tiny, options for windows are : right next to East window - blind open and by register - 3 feet from south window - at an angle - also blinds open OR in living room 8-10 feet from window, horizontal blinds closed in aftertnoon. Please help this was a plant from my moms funeral and has special meaning to me... I do NOT want it to die It also has not bloomed in 8-9 months.

  • a picture please, if you take the plant out of the pot are the roots white, black or?? – kevinsky Jan 13 at 17:07

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