i have this plant but it's terribly heavy and unbalanced. I don't know much about aloe but i don't think it should look like this, especially because without a stick the plant just falls over.

So my question is, is it possile to cut the aloe in the pointed space and replant it?

Bending Aloe Arborescens

Maybe it has something to do with the small vase but i live in a small apartment and i cannot afford a huge vase spot.

Anyway, suggestions?

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Your basic problem is that Aloe arborescens is a tree-sized plant in the wild. The name "arborescens" means "tree-like" in Latin. When fully grown it is between 6 and 10 feet tall. In South Africa it was used as a hedge around enclosures for cattle. It's not a little indoor plant!

You could try cutting off the top of the plant (say two leaves above the arrow in your picture) and growing it as a cutting, but a better long term solution would be to get a different species of aloe which doesn't grow so tall. Aloe vera will grow to about 2 feet tall with a 3-foot flower spike. A popular small variety is Aloe variegata, but there are many others - see here for a selection of pictures.

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