I want to take cuttings from impatiens new guinea. I was wondering if I can take many cuttings from the same stalk or does it have to be just the top part? I understand that they should have some leaves on them but I was thinking maybe I could leave the lower leaves on the other parts of the stalk.


You might get lucky, but the recommended method is to use the tip of the stalk. Whatever you do, you need a few leaves on the cutting, because the plant needs leaves for photosynthesis in order to grow.

If you want a lot of cuttings from one plant, you can "prune" the tip of the stalks back to just above a leaf on the parent plant, and it will then grow several stems from the one you cut back. Then use the tip of each stem as a cutting.

Obviously this involves a bit of planning ahead, but "pinching out" the tips of the stems like this is a good idea anyway, because it will give you more flowers on a smaller "bushier" plant.

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