Can someone please help me to identify this lovely flower.

Thank you

enter image description here

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There used to be a road side gazebo that had masses of these flowers for sale, you left the coin and choose your flowers. Based on the 'honor' system!

This is a Dahlia. When you look them up you will be amazed at the variety, too perfect to be 'natural'? Like Tulips grows from a bulb, unlike tulips, this bulb needs to be dug up every fall before the ground freezes, stored in a cool garage in sawdust and darkness. Plant again in the spring as soon as the soil warms up enough. You might catch the Dahlia Fever.

Dahlia Tartan. I am sure there are better botanical names somewhere. Dahlia's are very straightforward, they share a long history with the Tulip. I own a book written about JUST the Tulip that is 2 1/2 inches thick. Serious fortunes and lives lost over the Tulip, very dramatic. I like the Dahlia much better!

I can't believe I found the same color as your flower. Purple with white tips Dahlia Dinner Plate Purple Dahlia

Tartan Dinner Plate Dahlia

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