I recognize that gas trimmers will be less expensive and won't have the battery life issues cordless electric trimmers have (and corded is impractical - too many obstacles in the yard.) BUT! I would prefer to avoid the noise, smell and maintenance hassle of yet another small engine. I have a half acre, but there are many rock outcroppings, trees, shrubs and flower beds - it's more than just four sides each for house and property line. On the other hand, it's pretty tame - no heavy grass or weeds. Are the newest high-end cordless trimmers up to this? I'd like to hear from anyone who has one of the new fast-charge models.

  • good question, I went ahead and went gas for my acre and a half but could definitely see why you'd want to go cordless electric if you could. – wax eagle May 23 '12 at 19:32
  • They come alive at 36V. Nothing less and get several battery packs. – Fiasco Labs Apr 21 '14 at 18:44

My lot is only 60x110 but I bought a Ryobi lithium cordless trimmer and it works great. I spend about 15 minutes trimming the entire yard and can get around 3 trims on one charge. Sounds like that might work for your 1/2 acre (charging after every trim). It's powerful enough to cut down numerous weeds, it's quiet and the battery works in other ryobi devices. The battery also has a charge indicator button which is useful. You could also just buy a second battery and rotate through them.

edit: you could also go for more volts

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  • I actually went ahead and bought the 24v Ryobi. 3/4ths of a charge is good for the front yard at full blast - power is regulated by squeezing the trigger, and I'm still getting the hang of only giving it enough oomph to tackle what's at hand, and goosing it when it bogs down. Recharging the battery happens in well under an hour. I'll post an answer of my own as I put some hours on the thing. – RI Swamp Yankee May 30 '12 at 18:45

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