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How much water should I give my veggies every day?

I recently installed a drip irrigation kit in my square foot garden with 1GPH heads aimed at the center of each square foot region.

The instructions say to run the system for 30-60 minutes every 1 to 4 days depending on temperature, which comes out to anywhere from 60 minutes per day to 30 minutes every 4 days. If my math is correct, that's anywhere from 1.4" to 11" per week!

11" per week seems very excessive even in the heat of summer for where we are (Zone 10), yet 1.4" per week supplied via 30 minute waterings every 4 days seems like way too little in this heat.

I don't mind going through the cost/effort of adding extra lower/higher flow heads where appropriate, but I'd rather avoid ruining my crops due to experimenting with vague watering requirements from multiple sources.

Is there a good resource for watering requirements (volume and frequency) based on temperature for different types of vegetables that I could refer to in order to optimize my system?

In the mean time, what watering schedule could I use in general to keep my plants healthy?