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Can anyone identify the plant in the attached image. Thank you in advance.

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This looks like a Rhododendron, an example image here, but flowers are not full open yet. You can recognize a Rhododendron by the shape of the (large and dark green) leaves, which typically form a round pattern under the flower or bud.

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    It is a rhododendron. – user33232 Aug 10 at 15:59
  • Hi b.nota! Would you mind fleshing this answer out a bit more please? It's pretty much a link-only answer, which means that it relies only on an outside link for reference. The How to Answer page in the help center explains the importance of have text in addition to the links in an answer. Also, since the answer will probably be here for years, that link may go down, and if that happens, we can't learn from your work! Thanks! – Sue Aug 11 at 4:37
  • Okay @Sue, I have tried to explain more about it. To clarify about the link, usually for identification questions we provide a link where we can see 'prove'. Maybe not necessary for this particular plant but for more obscure ones often it is. – benn Aug 11 at 8:16

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