Small tree in northern Indiana has small pea-sized metallic blue/purple berries. Were small white flowers before the berries came out.

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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Try "Silky dogwood" or "Cornus amomum". Many pictures of those metallic blue berries available on line, and that blue is certainly an amazing shade. A picture and quote from http://www.yellowfarmhousegarden.com/?m=201508 :

Silky dogwood at the yellow farmhouse garden

Quote: "I’ve never been tempted to try to eat these berries, even as a young child. Something about that blue just didn’t look right to me."

.....Me, I wish I could see that plant in person, but I guess I am out of its range, as it seems to prefer the Eastern half of the US (minus the far-Southern region).

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