The vine is dying for some reason and there are a lot of squash on it. Will they ripen if taken off the dying vine or should I just leave them on the vine to lay in the sun on the dying vine?

  • You gotta send pictures and more information. If this is blight, a systemic fungus, then no, your fruit will be worthless. We need to ID your problem first and foremostest! When we experience mistakes and do not use them to learn enough to not make that mistake again we will be repeating those mistakes...Please send pictures and stuff like where you live, what you have already added, like fertilizers, composts, what kind of composts if any you've used, have you ever done a soil test, what are your watering techniques and any thing you've added to the soil to perhaps 'feed plants'?
    – stormy
    Jul 26, 2018 at 0:50
  • Sally, welcome! @stormy is right - pictures help a lot, and so does every bit of information we can get. You can always edit your post to include more details. Let me also encourage you to take the tour and browse our help center, that’s a goid way to get a general overview of the site’s mechanisms & rules.
    – Stephie
    Jul 26, 2018 at 6:25

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It would be better if you could cure the plant of whatever ails it, but if that's not possible, you can try ripening them off the vine by 'curing', see here https://homeguides.sfgate.com/ripen-butternut-squash-after-picking-78973.html. Whether its worth the effort is another matter - your squash will not be so tasty as those which are fully ripe when cut.

  • Hey Bamboo, do you see a need at all for a simple questionnaire for OPs to answer along with their question? I am so tired of trying to help based on a question that shows the poor OPs don't know enough to formulate a question with which to get help.
    – stormy
    Jul 26, 2018 at 0:53
  • @stormy Yes and no; I do think G&L is a special case on SE because it deals mostly with living things, and advice on how to ask a question should definitely include location, how long they've had/planted the plant, whether its in a pot or the ground, and photos, but each case is different, and too much insistence on a lot of info might stop people asking at all...We know what info we need for each case, but they don't and likely can't know, and to some extent, answers are very much tailored to the problem they (and we) are seeing
    – Bamboo
    Jul 26, 2018 at 8:49
  • A short, concise, questionnaire would only help formulate questions. Every SINGLE case is different but every single case needs a stable foundation that is necessary to know before being responsibly able to answer questions. You of all people know more than this site's statistics how often you ask "Where in the World do you live"...etc. I also am certain that a SMALL, short, little questionnaire will help the OP formulate the question and teach how to think about plants ATST.
    – stormy
    Jul 27, 2018 at 1:23
  • @stormy - seems we're in agreement then about the four essential components!
    – Bamboo
    Jul 27, 2018 at 9:10
  • 4 essential components? You mean for questions? Absolutely! Just 4 questions would vastly streamline our conversations and time spent answering. I HATE touching anything twice that could have been taken care of in the first few steps. Most people have so little knowledge about plants, heck biology, soils...how everything works together. Just asking them basic questions we need to answer as well as TEACH would and could be very exciting for OPs! Visiting other sites, this problem is glaringly obvious as well. Be nice to have POP QUIZZES, to make sure they understood our answers. LOL
    – stormy
    Jul 27, 2018 at 21:44

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