Are there any permits required? What can be done to prevent problems with authorities in this regard?

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  • This cannot be answered without at least telling us where you live. And it will always depend on local regulation. Contact you're local code office and find out. – wax eagle Aug 23 '12 at 15:23

Seems like it would depend on where you live and what you mean by raised beds... If you are building a terraced rice patty, maybe it would, if you mean some planters set off with railroad ties, or concrete landscaping block... Probably not; but check your local ordinances.

  • I have not found any bylaw about it in my township. However, the province has strict rules about grading. I would think that putting up a raised bed (maybe a foot or two) should not really change drainage or surface water flow. – txwikinger May 6 '12 at 16:57

I agree with @Grady Player. This question is very local. Cities across the world have vastly different regulations. Ask yourself these questions:

  • is where you want to build the bed your property? (Condo's anyone?)
  • does it change the drainage in any way?
  • will it change the amount of sunlight any neighbours might receive?
  • is it structurally safe and can you prove it? I'm thinking of a raised bed on a rooftop where the static load must be assessed against what the roof can hold up.
  • is where you want to build it going to affect access of other parties. (right of way, shared driveways)

It's always a good idea to consult your local authorities. In my city they have a phone line staffed with people paid to answer questions like this.

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    I would not think it changes the drainage. It is not something like a retaining wall, but rather for convenience and beauty. The yard is basically straight (baring the necessary grading away from the house). The is nothing structurally I want to do except of putting topsoil inside a wooden case with a meshed metal net underneath to prevent rodent go into the bed and get potatoes, asparagus, or whatever I want to grow there. Due to the raised bed, the soil will get also more air and hence it is better for the plants. I guess, best thing is to talk with the township clerk. – txwikinger May 6 '12 at 17:01

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