What is this plant with two different kinds of flowers? It is loved by bees and other polinators.

How come it has flowers of two colors on the same plant?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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To me, it seems much more the Echium Vulgare (Wikipedia), also because the flowers change colour, and flowers are not so symmetric.

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    This is what I thought - vipers bugloss. I've grown it from seed in the garden before. – David Liam Clayton Jul 13 '18 at 7:23

Gosh this is some kind of Campanula. Blue bells? Baby flowers can easily slide from whites to purples to blues...whatever this plant is it is showing serious deficiency in chemistry necessary for the plant. Have you fertilized at all? This plant needs a bit of balanced fertilizer. NPK...even numbers or the first number should be slightly lower than the P and K.

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