I'm new to plants and am having a tough time. My aloe plants (creasing, not growing or spreading out) + fish hook plants (wrinkly and soft leaves) seem to be dying. What should I do to save them + prevent it from happening again? aloe

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    two questions, two posts – black thumb Jun 27 '18 at 0:44

Your aloe has too much water because there is no drainage from the bottom of the pot. Try using a plastic pot inside the decorative pot and drain it after watering. Chances are good it needs more light as well. Move it as close as possible to a window.

The second plant is a spathiphyllum. This plant will tolerate low light for a while and should be kept evenly moist or it will collapse and look dreadful until it is watered again. For best performance avoid chlorinated water and low humidity. Bugs are uncommon.

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