enter image description here I don't know what kind of bug this is but its weird, its slightly larger than a quarter. What kind of bug is this?

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That is a camel spider, also known as a Solifugae.

From wikipedia:

The order includes more than 1,000 described species in about 153 genera. Despite the common names, they are neither true scorpions (order Scorpiones) nor true spiders (order Araneae). Much like a spider, the body of a solifugid has two tagmata: an opisthosoma (abdomen) behind the prosoma (that is, in effect, a combined head and thorax). At the front end, the prosoma bears two chelicerae that, in most species, are conspicuously large. The chelicerae serve as jaws and in many species also are used for stridulation. Unlike scorpions, solifugids do not have a third tagma that forms a "tail". Most species of Solifugae live in dry climates and feed opportunistically on ground-dwelling arthropods and other small animals. The largest species grow to a length of 12–15 cm (5–6 in), including legs. A number of urban legends exaggerate the size and speed of the Solifugae...

And there is not really a potential danger to humans. To learn more go to the following links

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solifugae https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/c/camel-spider/

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It appears to have 8 legs and some kind of claws, which would make it an arachnid but not a spider, and given it has no stinging tail, I think it's a pseudoscorpion.

EDIT - here we are... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solifugae

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