I live in the Pacific North West (Victoria,BC) and these have been in flower for about a week. They grow to about 18" and from a distance they could be mistaken for geraniums. Up close the petals don't look like any geranium I've ever seen. Basal leaves have 5 lobes, those on the flower stems have 3. First photo is the blooms

Second is the leaf on the flower stem

[Third is the basal leaf[3]

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It appears to be Astrantia major, not sure which variety, there are hundreds, but it might be 'Roma' https://www.amazon.co.uk/Astrantia-major-Perennial-Masterwort-Deciduous/dp/B01BMNW65A. The flowers on yours aren't quite fully out yet, most of the images on line show it fully open, but compare in a day or so as the flowers progress. Certainly the foliage matches.

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