I tried to identify this cactus in order to know how much water it needs.

enter image description here

The closest I got with the identification is this, but I'm still not sure, the color is different: http://www.cactus-art.biz/schede/EUPHORBIA/Euphorbia_mammillaris/Euphorbia_mammillaris_variegata/Euphorbia_mammillaris_variegata.htm

Also, if anyone has this type of cactus I would like to know some information about soil, watering and light.


I think you are right with the Euphorbia mammillaris, which is actually not a cactus but a succulent (I learned this on SE Gardening a while ago). Here this one on eBay looks very similar (I am not the seller, just found it with google).

Best way to treat cacti and succulents are a lot of sun and little water. So a window facing south would be ideal (but facing east or west would be sufficient as well), and maybe water it every 2 weeks.

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