So I have got these seeds from neighbour and they were supposed to be tomatoes, but... as they are growing, it seems to be something else.

enter image description here

What is it? Could it be weed by any chance? :)

Edit: Asked a neighbour and she is having the same plant (surprised as well), but the seeds should have been something from Japan or around...

  • Looks vaguely like a marijuana seedling, but it should develop palmate leaves if it is. Better ask your neighbour if he's made a mistake... whatever it is, its definitely not tomato!
    – Bamboo
    Jun 2, 2018 at 19:07

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Yes this is definitely Cannabis. I think your neighbor is joking around. You can keep it even if you don't like to smoke it, it will be a wonderful plant.

  • 2
    Or grow it on and when it buds, make medicinal oil from it...
    – Bamboo
    Jun 2, 2018 at 22:52
  • Thank you for the answer. I have asked the neighbour and updated the question accordingly. The seeds should be from Japan, so...
    – user21876
    Jun 3, 2018 at 8:45
  • Yeah they should be from Japan, just like they should be tomatoes, right? That's also what my neighbor always says about his plants...
    – benn
    Jun 6, 2018 at 16:48

A Japanese Maple leaf looks a lot like cannabis, but those are not 3 leafed

While weed normally has 5-7 leaves, according to a forum I just saw 3 leaves are a common mutation that growers see. Although I believe most of those growers use clones not seeds.

I tried image searching, but everything look looked just like your plant, was from a cannabis plant.

If you are in a state where growing cannabis is legal, or dont care, let it grow and see if it changes.


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