I have a few of these pants - about a year and half old. But they (all of them - 6) are drying one side but looks better on the other side. Please helpdry on one side better on the other side

Update 9/1: after adding some fish emulsion and removing some of the mulch near the trunk, they look much better now. Thank you all for your help/advice. My guess is that previously the issue was the soil lacked nutrition very badly.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • I would get rid of all that plastic and bark, number one. All of it. Plastic and this chunky bark do not stop weeds. It stops any water from getting into the soil. No chemistry for your plants so they can make their own food? I am serious. No plant will every be happy with plastic and chunky non decomposed bark. What are you doing for fertilizer? Water? – stormy May 27 '18 at 22:56
  • I water them once in a week.. Fertilized once in mid spring last year and once late winter this year.. – Anand Rockzz May 27 '18 at 23:02
  • Thuya occidentalis 'aurea nana' was the original name. Only gets 4' high, needs moisture that first year until established. It is indeed supposed to be this color. – stormy May 27 '18 at 23:04
  • Not much bark around the plant - no bark for about 6 inches around the trunk, picture is not clear. I will clear the plastic also.. but the plant is been like this even before I put barks and plastic is around it.. – Anand Rockzz May 27 '18 at 23:07
  • That should work IF you stick the hose into the roots and soil of that plant. The rest of the soil might be hydrophobic or hydrophilic beneath that plastic barrier. Meaning the water given that arborvitae is either sequestered in the root ball or wicked away from the root ball. Fertilizer is just fine. Water is not. Soil needs an air/soil interface. That plastic will do nothing for weeds, certainly to make great housing for some insects and block the air/soil connection. Hire some young men to do this and dump in a green belt thinly. Plastic to the dump of course. – stormy May 27 '18 at 23:09

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