I have few bags of fresh goat manure I'd like to use to feed my vegetables in raised beds and in ground, but I was warned not to use it fresh i.e. directly on plants.

Searching on similar questions I found that best way is to put manure into compost pile but that would probably take some time to decompose.

I was wondering if there are other ways to use fresh manure without waiting too long and without harm to vegetables?


Not really. Goat manure can be used fresh - the pellets are easy to till into the soil, but the problem is the urine that comes with it. Goat manure from goats kept in pens is inevitably full of urine too, and that's what burns plants because the nitrogen content is so high. If you wanted to till it straight into open ground in Fall, that can be done if there aren't any plants in it, but otherwise, composting is necessary. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/composting/manures/goat-manure-fertilizer.htm

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Try making an anaerobic "tea". Soak the material in a bucket or barrel of water. You may also inoculate with soil microbes. Let it sit for about a week. Then try diluting the water, 100:1. If it burns a plant, dilute 1000:1. If it seems to not have an effect, dilute 10:1. Find the strength that works for you.

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