I am planning to plant a few dozens of Tagasaste (Tree Lucerne) on my section in Southland, New Zealand in August/September this year. I have read a few instructions on how to germinate seeds and start growing them in pots until the plants become half a meter long — when it is time to plant them in their permanent place outside.

However, none of those instructions seem to clearly convey the time that Tagasaste normally takes to grow from seed to half a meter long. When should I start germinating seeds if I am planning to put the plants into permanent soil in early September?


From internet, it seems between 15 days to 4 weeks (to 40 days for the later seeds) to germinate (from seed to first green part emerging). But it seems very difficult to get them to germinate, so there are various methods which effect the time to germinate (cutting seeds, fire, water, etc.).

One to three additional months to get the plant ready to be ready. If it is too early or too late, you can temporarily pot in individual pot, and plant it when it is the right time (according outside weather conditions).

  • "One to three additional months to get the plant ready" — can you please provide reference, or is that your experience with Tagasaste?
    – Greendrake
    Apr 11 '18 at 10:44

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