Could we grow bonsai with normal seeds and techniques to grow it? Which bonsai is best for indoor and acts as an air purifier? Instead of buying it, I want to grow my own bonsai. Please suggest some tips.

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    And please forget about the air purifier bit - a bonsai (or even multiple plants) will have only a tiny effect on air quality.
    – Stephie
    Commented Feb 3, 2018 at 12:51
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    I have not done well with Bonsai, However I will suggest that you buy a plant . That will be enough of a challenge. Commented Feb 3, 2018 at 20:36

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Bonsai are normal plants or trees, that we find in large in nature. The art of bonsai is to recreate the real tree in a miniature form in a pot. So any (real) tree can be used for bonsai. However, trees with large leaves are more difficult to downsize in good proportion, so starting with a tree species that has small leaves is a smart choice.

Growing bonsai indoors, is tricky. You can use tropical species for this, like Ficus. I like the Bonsai Empire website where they guide you for proper maintenance.

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