Advice please on what may have caused this large chunk to be taken from my specimen of Zamia fischeri?

Zamia fischeri - habit


The plant was purchased about six months ago and I recently (three or four weeks ago) repotted it into the current, larger pot. It has settled in well and has begun to produce new leaves from its crown.


Only today did I notice the large chunk from its caudex.

It’s baffling me, as I am usually quite attentive and would expect to notice this when repotting the plant.

It appears to have “healed” over, so there is no raw or new damage.

Zamia fischeri - caudex - close up



  • as a younger plant, it was grown alongside a post or some other round object;
  • something has taken a big bite out of the side of the plant (we do have a local bandicoot with a large appetite);
  • The plant has some form of disease in the caudex.

Zamia fischeri - caudex - side

Research to Date

I have read these articles on the internet:

Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.

  • This looks like an old...wound? No problem that I can see. Could easily have been a rat? What soil have you used? Is this out of doors or indoors? Any other plants looked chewed on? Are the leaves chewed up that are closest in this picture? What fertilizer have you used? I'd get rid of all debris on top of the soil. If you are using garden soil in your potted plants it would be a good thing to repot all of your potted plants into potting soil and use some balanced fertilizer once or twice per year. As you find the time. Where do you live Andrew? – stormy Nov 27 '17 at 8:52

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