A neighbor of mine have a beautiful lonicera plant that just flowered - this may be the third time this year! He offered to me to take as many cuttings as I wish, and says that I just need to put them in water (like indoor flowers), and they will root - and later on such cuttings may be moved to soil, and become real plants. Is that true?

What would be the right way to use my neighbor's generous offer?

I just have to have that plant, I almost fainted when I sensed fragrance of their flowers this morning! :)

I do not have any experience at propagating plants using cuttings, and probably have brown thumb for such work.

EDIT: Meanwhile, I discovered a series of blog posts describing 43-day experiment of rooting lonicera in water.

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Yeah smells great that flower!

I never propagated this plant, but according to 'the web' cuttings will root easily, and putting them in just water seems successful.

Good luck.

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