I don't have any outdoor gardening space and I'd love to grow some edible plants indoors, preferably during the winter when the sunlight is low. I understand I need non pollinated plants, since my apartment is rather low in pollinators. I also want to use grow lights.

  1. Am I being silly trying to grow edible plants indoor in the winter?

  2. What lights should I get?

  3. What kinds of plants can I grow with a good light? I saw this post, but it's not about lights. People have suggested lettuce, herbs and green onions.

  4. Can I just put the plants on a shelf and use a timer with the lights? Do I need something more complicated, e.g. hydroponics?

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A lot of light is required for plants to produce food. You will find lights at aquarium web sites . I think it would require a few to several hundred dollars for lights for a 10 square foot shelf.


There are special lights you can buy for growing plants. There are even lights you could use in normal lamps.

Just search for "plant light" on google or amazon.

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