I recently found ground cherries growing wild on my property and I want to put them in beds and harvest seeds from them.

How and when should I transplant them?

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These plants won't like their roots disturbed. Starting from seed next year might be easier. If you want to transplant mature plants, here are a few tips that might make the survival rate higher:

  • Look for an overcast week, where there will be rain, and little to no direct sun for a period of time. If the sunny weather is relentless, you can build a small shading frame with slats or cheesecloth, to cut back on direct lighting while they recover.

  • Take as large a rootball as possible for each crown. The fewer cut roots the better. Try not to crack/break the rootball.

  • Plant in loose, well drained organic topsoil. Hard soil like dry clay can cause moisture pockets when planting, or retard root growth.

  • Water heavily after planting. Get the soil good and wet. Water again when the top layer is dry.

  • Mulch with 2-3" of organic matter (such as shredded bark, mushroom soil, or chopped leaves).

  • Once you see new growth, you can fertilize.

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