Looks to be single trunk, self cleaning. The trunk is spotted/mottled and furry. The fronds have jagged leaves. It's not a fishtail, foxtail, rhapis or a kentia(similar)... I am unsure as to the type. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


enter image description here

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There's many different kinds of palms.Could be Lady palm Parlor or Reed.All grow anywhere from 3-8 ft.Care is about the same with all,moist soil,no direct sun min. night temps. at 62-65.Fertilize once a month mostly during the growing season.I love palms,remind me of the tropics I have a small one in my bath room.


Leaves look like the Christmas palm, adonidia. When the spotted/mottled look disappears when the palm tree is older, it could be this one...


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