Please help with identifying this tree. I harvested berries from it and want to propagate it but only if it is indigenous to Cape Town, South Africa.

It was found on Stellenbosch University campus, is about 1-2 meters tall and growing against the wall. It has red berries

tree shape

leaf and berry detail


It looks like Nandina domestica, an evergreen or semi evergreen shrub - if your 'tree' has a thick trunk, then it isn't Nandina. Usual height is up to 8 feet, but I suspect this plant is pruned back regularly to keep it against the wall, which would account for its being a little taller. Common name Heavenly Bamboo because of its tendency to grow upright, similar to bamboo, but it is not a bamboo at all.

It is not native to South Africa, originating from China, Japan and India.

  • Good job Bamboo!!
    – stormy
    Aug 16 '17 at 21:54

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