I have cut off the top of my Yucca elephantipes, and after a few months a new shoot comes from the stem. My question is, is it possible to get more than one shoot? And if yes, how to do that? How can I stimulate the plant to have more shoots (without pruning the new shoot)?

enter image description here


Some plants have epicormic buds under their bark and from these buds new shoots can emerge. It looks that your Yucca has them on the white areas of the trunk and you can lightly scratch the bark in those white areas where you want new growth. Be careful to scrach only the thin layer of the epidermis, otherwise the epicormic bud might be affected. I have tried this method on Fuchsia and Hedera and I'm curious how fast you'll get results on Yucca. Good luck!

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    Yes, exactly in the middle of the white v-shaped band there are tiny buds present. I will try to carefully remove some bark there, thank you for the tip! – benn Aug 17 '17 at 13:36

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