I have a Frangipani which has been hacked to bits (thanks previous owner) and now the flowers are around 2 metres (7 feet) above the ground. Below that it is just a single leafless, flowerless stalk.

I would like to take cuttings and turn it into several smaller plants.

Here's where the questions start:

  • What is the best size for a cutting? ie. What will be most likely to survive.
  • Should the cuts be straight or at an angle?
  • Should I treat the cuttings in some way or can I just stick them in a pot?
  • How long should I wait before planting the potted cuttings?

Are there any other tips or advice that will help them thrive?

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Here's a web site with some good explanation.


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    If you elaborate on your answer, maybe include some of the content from the link I will give you 50 bounty and mark this as correct.
    – Coomie
    Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 9:10

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