Cherry blossom tree

My cherry blossom tree's trunk is not looking very healthy and the leaves at the top are being eaten :(

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    Can you also post a picture that shows the entire tree and one with a closeup of the eaten leaves?
    – JStorage
    Jun 22 '17 at 19:46
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    Also, add how long you've had this tree, we just had a similar question to find it was the CAT who done it. Do you have a cat or have neighborhood cats visiting? Obviously there are insects now involved...please be a detective; dig down in the soil beneath the trunk, investigate between the bark and tree and send pictures of the leaves. That chunky bark is heaven for insects. That is like providing free condos and attracting insects. A finer mulch works far better. Go out at night with a flashlight as well. See if you can find the insect at work, or at dinner.
    – stormy
    Jun 22 '17 at 21:00

Go to ACE. Get one box of Cherry Blossom Awesome (pink and green box) and follow the directions (it's basically: mix with water, apply and wrap with supplied bandage.) I had several trees in the same condition and within one month, all were healthy again. The box costs about $10 and it works! I think you can get it online directly from the manufacturer too. But I see it at ACE every time I'm in.

  • This does not answer the question.
    – J. Musser
    Jun 30 '17 at 0:46
  • Oh, but it does, my good sir. I assure you, it does. I believe what you are referring to, is that I did not tell him what is wrong with his tree, but rather, how to fix it. But if you look deeper--much deeper--you will see that I have told him what is wrong with his tree. What is wrong with his tree, you see, is that he has not been to ACE to purchase Cherry Blossom Awesome. Your eyes have been opened, and you are welcome. Jun 30 '17 at 19:23

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