I have a healthy cucumber plant to all appearances. There is some powdery mildew which I am trying to contain with a spray for that disease. However, I have lots of buds which turn into tiny cucumbers, but they never get beyond 1 inch long then they turn yellow and die. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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    Can you post some pictures so we get a good look at what is going on? Also, additional information on how often you water the plant and last time you applied fertilizer would be helpful
    – JStorage
    Jun 16 '17 at 21:54
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    Need pictures and any and everything you've done with soil, amendments, fertilizer and pesticides. Powdery mildew is a big problem with cucumbers but especially plants that are compromised. Try 1:9 milk and water to spray. This really works! Still need to discover the real problems not secondary. Anything else will make the cucumbers inedible...maybe. Need to know what you are using! What you have done. Are these cucumbers in pots or in the garden? That is important to know!
    – stormy
    Jun 16 '17 at 21:58
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    Too high of nitrogen in the fertilizer will cause your reproductive growth to be worthless and minuscule. Have you used compost? Animal manure? Was this manure decomposed or raw?
    – stormy
    Jun 16 '17 at 22:01
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    I believe the cucumber's female flowers have a little teeny-tiny fruit already attached, and if the flower doesn't get pollinated, the fruit will not develop at all. I had a (healthy looking) cucumber plant last year that had many cucumbers dropping off that way. After the flower dried up, it seemed like the fruit swelled a little, but soon turned yellow & withered at approx. 1 inch. A very few did become nice cucumbers. I thought it was because my plant was the only cucumber in the garden, and pollen availability was poor(?) Could this be your situation?- Is this even plausible?
    – Lorel C.
    Jun 17 '17 at 15:23
  • My plant is the only one in my yard and is in a large pot. I used Miracle Gro potting soil, Quick Start as the initial watering element and added a sprinkle of Miracle Gro Shake n' Feed (in early May). By the end of May I had a large single cucumber appear. However just two days ago I discovered two cucumbers now about 6 inches long & seemingly healthy. On 5/31 I added some Garden Tone to the plant; mildew is under control. A neighbor recommended watering with 1/2 Tab. Epsom Salt per 1/2 gal. water. I just did that yesterday. I'll have to wait to see the results.
    – Sue H.
    Jun 20 '17 at 16:10

My seedlings had a powdery mildew and I just let them dry out for a few days and scraped off what I could. I hope that helps.

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    Powdery mildew is caused by a fungus and its spores are microscopical, that's why scraping off doesn't eliminate the problem, it just delays the syptoms.
    – Alina
    Sep 2 '17 at 14:51

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