This plant was collected in a field South-Central Europe. Assume the height of the photo is 20cm. These are all small herbaceous plants.

The ball next to it is the root. It has small bag-like accessories on it.

  • I would go with something from the Fabaceae (pea family). I'll check my wild flowers of Europe when I get home. @quantomic any idea what the flower color is?
    – Ben
    Aug 1, 2017 at 16:58

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This appears to be Corydalis yanhusuo. A flower would confirm. not native to the area it was collected, but as a commercialized plant that is not unusual. Compounds from the plant are used in medicine. Flower color ranges.

enter image description here


Shoot; #1 my guess is Alfalfa (I've got 3 other ideas...but meadow)? #6 is Stachys lanata, Woolly Lambs Ear. #8 is a Daffodil #9 possibly Deer Fern.

Ugh, I don't care if I am wrong...#1 i a buggar!! American Ground Nut?

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