I know it probably sounds silly. The idea is to cut the branch off the trees with proper tools (tree pruner, pole saw or whatever), that's easy, takes a minute. What is not so time-friendly, is cutting up the branches that are already on the ground. I need them to be in small and manageable pieces to fit in bags so it can be taken away economically as "green waste". I have no intention of buying a chipper at the moment. A chainsaw is overkill, and I wouldn't want to buy a reciprocating saw just for this. For really small branches I'd use secateurs or loppers. Whenever loppers are necessary, and around 2.5-5cm in branch diameter I think it would be faster to use my battery-powered jigsaw.

For example, I have this blade: Bosch t144df

If it's not such a good idea, why?

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I wouldn't do this for two reasons:

  1. Safety: the jigsaw is going to want to jump around and green wood is like a spring.
  2. The blade on a jigsaw is designed for seasoned wood. Blades for green wood have a different design.

I would recommend a bow saw. You be able to cut branches of that size with a few strokes. You can even cut down small trees with them. A pruning saw would also work but I generally prefer the bow for something not attached to the tree.


I think you need a (cheap) small saw. This is a lot more handy for pruning, and you can also cut relatively large branches (it is slow, but sometime I prefer this method instead of chainsaw).

Use your force, luke!

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