Plants native to the Sonoran Desert require watering every 6 months. The following plant, which I am not sure is native to the Sonoran Desert or not, was found to thrive in the Sonoran Desert solely off rain. What is this flower?

This one is like a ground-cover: Shrub #4 This closeup shows it has cross-pollinated with a similar, but yellow, flower >100' away: Shrub #4 closeup


This is distinctive enough for me to offer: American Red Bush Lantana.

Lantana(Image courtesy Monrovia)

Lantana come in many colours and it is quite normal to have two or more on the same flower head.

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  • So it's not a cross-bread with a yellow flower? Or does this plant come in two colors? – Geremia May 12 '17 at 2:03

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