enter image description here It has little white flowers in June, doesn't lose leaves in winter, grows in shade, leggy, hardy in zone 6A.


The closest I've been able to get is Ilex verticillata, Winterberry. This is a difficult one to find on the internetWinterberry pic My goodness; evergreen shrub, ovate/obovate, entire edges, alternate leaves, white 6 petaled flower. Other sites say this leaf is serrated? I can only spend so much time doing this, so OCD!! So this is not a hard and fast ID at all.


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  • Hey, no problemo. What do you think it is? I got going and gee, 3 hours later...ugh!! – stormy May 12 '17 at 0:07
  • Yeah, like I am such a snob expert...shame – stormy May 12 '17 at 1:57

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