I have lots of long glass bottles(think Cappuccino bottles, but a little bigger). I would like to grow closed terrariums. Types of plants I want to avoid:

  1. Plants that are easy to prune. I would love to grow succulents, but it might get hard to prune? I am not sure how important pruning is for closed terrariums, but I assume after a while, when the plant grows, it'll require pruning to prevent it from scrunching up in the bottle. Please advice me if I'm totally wrong.
  2. I live in a relatively dry/hot place. Hence, a plant that can live under those conditions would be nice.
  3. I would like to avoid plants that shed leaves often. In the tutorials I read, dead lives can quickly dirty the pot. Hence, relatively sturdy plants would be nice.

Lastly, a nice bonus would be for plants to have nice foliage. In other words, something that looks a little more interesting than spinach leaves.

What are plants that at least come close to this type of criteria?


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It is nearly 2 years since you asked but I would like to share my experiences.

I am planting wild plants/weeds and moss in the bottle terrariums. If you have so many bottles then you might try of these in some.

The plant I used is called Stellaria media (L.) Vill. There are lots of from those in the pavements here. They also pop up in pots on their own. I had ripped of one from a pot and put in in a self built terrarium, they were only 1.5 cm long in the beginning but than gone wild and become like this in couple of months.

Self built terrarium Self built terrarium Self built terrarium

I really enjoyed this view. However i guess they are annual plants, because they made flowers and seed and then died (nearly) but this took like 6 months i guess. Then I ripped of the dead ones. The next generation began to grow now, on their own. I realized that they have much smaller leaves than the previous ones, that might be an adaptation. Whatever.. :) I also put one of them in a small bottle, I's been a month I think.

Bottle terrarium

You may also try mosses. I observed that they like bottle terrariums more than the assembled ones.

Bottle terrarium

This mug terrarium is nearly a year old now, you can see how the mosses elongated.

So i guess this is all i can share. Good luck with your bottle terrariums. I would like to hear if you could success to plant some.

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