Do you have any ideas about why my there are white spots and holes in the leaves of my Lime Tree? What might the pest be and how can I rectify this? Any products you recommend? I live in Melbourne and it's generally a temperate climate.

Here are more pictures of the tree, hopefully this will help more (sorry, issue with posting several pictures, blame on J. Chomel)

  • You have possibly more than one insect here...as well as possibly some chemical damage. What have you been doing for fertilizer and could you send closeups of the undersides of the leaves? Clean all debris from the base of your tree a good 3' diameter. – stormy Mar 25 '17 at 17:20
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Your tree suffered quite extended insect or bird damage, but it look very very healthy. The insects or enemies seem to be gone now. It's healed.

There is nothing I would do. Perhaps just pick its fruits: if you want to remove stress and optimize the tree's growth for next year.

Do not overuse chemicals and pesticides in your yard. Leave this to nature enemies. If you do, you risk to cause more imbalance for the years to come, and need more pesticides - set aside the damage you'll cause to all the natural life.

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