I live in North California and my cherry tree is not leafing out and not flowering. Below are the photos of the tree.

enter image description here

All the others trees in my backyard and most trees in my neighbors have already produced leaves. When I scratch a branch, it still shows the green color so I guess it is alive. I am wondering what could prevent a tree from leafing out.


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The buds seem healthy (picture in the middle), so I think it could be one of the two (or both):

  • you plant is in a really cold place (micro climate), maybe because of wind patters because of houses and trees or underground pipes.

  • it is a variety for later fruits (or just of warmer climate), so the tree starts blooming later.

You can wait few weeks. You can help to gain a week or so, on putting leaves on ground in fall. As far I know, the "temperature sensor" in plants are in the roots.


You Cherry tree looks healthy. Don't scratch too much branches on that little one. Maybe you could stack a little much around it (not too close to the trunk), because the earth looks rocky and poor.

  • This is clearly going to bloom very soon. No worries.

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